Clothing care

Several useful tips on caring for knitwear (Composition 70% wool / 30% PANNE)


  • The formation of peels (pellet) on the knitwear is inevitable. This happens due to mechanical friction of pile knitted fabric structure during wear.
  • The easiest way to deal with peeling is to be mindful of the dangers of friction from the belts, rigid internal elements of outerwear and other mechanical influences.
  • Nevertheless, if the pellets appear, you can remove them using a special machine or brush.

You can purchase peeling machines and brushes at clothing stores.        


Never cut plucks. Using a blunt needle, pull the thread to the wrong side and attach a few small stitches if necessary.


  • Before washing, turn the item inside out.
  • Use special detergents.
  • It is desirable to wash each garment by hand; at the same time do not rub and squeeze.
  • Wash knitwear separately (to avoid sticking of lint on other clothing).
  • To avoid the formation of pills and loss of knitwear elasticity, presoaking time should be short (30 minutes) and soaking water for washing must not have temperature higher than 40º.
  • Do not soak the knitwear, in which there is a yarn of several colors.
  • While using washing machine, choose the delicate cycle.
  • Do not twist the knitwear; just gently press by hands.

Knitted garment (50% cotton / 50% PAN) also requires special care:

How to wash knitted things

Wash in warm water (40 ° C) by hand or in a washing machine using "delicate wash". Do not excessively rub or twist the thing.

How to iron knitwear items

Iron in the direction of the loop on the reverse side at temperature corresponding to the inscription on the label (1 or 2 points).

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