Children's knitwear wholesale from the manufacturer

"Dima and Alice" knitting factory is the largest Russian producer of knitwear for children and adolescents.
We have been producing children's knitted garments under the brand name "Dima and Alice" since 1998.
The company's products are a wide range of high quality knitted vests, jackets, jumpers, and polo necks at affordable prices.

Our products retain a comfortable fit and look; they are pleasant to touch and does not cause allergic reactions. School knitwear of "Dima and Alice" Company favorably contrasts the production of other manufacturers of children's knitwear.

The factory is located in the suburban town of Dubna. All products are certified. ‘"Dima and Alice" brand uses high quality imported raw materials for the production of baby knitwear. The Company maintain a strict quality control at all stages of production.

We also provide services for the development and production of customer clothes.
You can order school knitted garments on the website of "Dima and Alice” knitting factory.
If you want to dress a whole school or a class, you can order a custom sized lot of clothes of the necessary quantity and color.
We provide services in drawing of logos, names of schools and other educational institutions.

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